Digital Payment & Cash Balancing Software

Now you can offer secure and frictionless digital money transfer options for payroll direct deposit, payroll tax payments, benefits payments, reimbursements, wire settlements, and more.

Digital Payments

Provide clients with frictionless and cost-effective ACH payroll and other digital payment options.

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Payment Operation Automation

Automatically reconcile your digital payment process so your accounts are always in balance with elevated security.

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P&L By Client

Increase your profitability by knowing which of your payroll clients are profitable and which ones are not with our P&L reporting.

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Who We Serve


CPA Firms


Staffing Firms

Payroll Providers

Large Employers


Software Developers

If you want to make B2B digital payments for your users, we invite you to partner with us and explore integration options.


If your company would like to sponsor us and/or use TreasuryNotch to offer digital payment and cash balancing software to your banking clients, let’s talk.

How to Get Started


Speak to a Payment Advisor

Contact us for a digital money movement consultation to see if TreasuryNotch is right for you.


Get a Demo

Learn how TreasuryNotch works by seeing a demo of our cloud digital payment and cash balancing software.


Launch the System

We will work side-by-side with you to conduct test runs and training for your team so you can go live with confidence.


Explore & Add Payment Options

With the successful launch of TreasuryNotch, you can explore new digital payment options and wires.

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