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TreasuryNotch, a people-first financial services company, combines decades of experience in payroll, payroll taxes, ACH processing, sales, & marketing

In an era in which vast amounts of money can change hands with the click of a button, what stands between a financial services user and a first-rate customer experience? Pretty much everything.

There’s the reluctance of some old-guard institutions to change the way they’ve always done things. There are the fintech entrepreneurs who go to market with “solutions” that hit a dead end when they bump up against another software. There are payroll and staffing systems that still can’t provide an easy way to stay in balance. There are fees and roadblocks between employees and access to the money they’ve earned. There are way too many financial service business models that treat innovation and customer experience as if they are mutually exclusive. As if.

In short, there’s a lot of money moving around on a lot of platforms, but few people talking about how to make it work as well as it could for the human beings who just need to get paid.

Pay me what you owe me, don't act like you forgot.
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A Shared Vision of What a Financial Services Company Should Be

When Summer Poletti and Jeanne Rogers started thinking about combining their decades of experience and expertise in payroll, payroll taxes, ACH processing, sales, and marketing to start their own company, they quickly realized they wanted to create a financial services company that put people first, starting with employees. Because, duh. Whose work fuels the entire system?

It was a shared vision built around expertise, an innovative mindset, and the recognition of a unique opportunity to do things differently.

“In all of the discussions and podcasts and forecasting about the future of digital payments and the future of ACH, no one was talking about payroll and how to make it easier to pay people,” Poletti said.

All I really wanna see is the (money)
- Cardi B

“We want to bring the fintech experience to payroll and to banks, who get left behind in the digital first strategy,” said Rogers. “We want to introduce a new way of thinking about money movement that doesn’t leave out the people living paycheck to paycheck, including those who don’t even have a bank account. They’re paying the price that comes from having no easy access to their money,” she said. “We’ve been there, heading up single-income households where money was always a challenge and so many of the obstacles were completely unnecessary.”

Poletti and Rogers, also worked together at a company whose ACH subsidiary fell into bankruptcy after a payroll client diverted millions of dollars in payroll funds, saw firsthand how employees can be left to bear the brunt of processes that go wrong.

“We saw the anguish of employees, our partners, our customers, and the customers of our customers,” Poletti said. “We were convinced there is a different way to do business.”

Solutions that Empower Employees & Give Employers a Recruiting Edge

Poletti and Rogers believe that a business model that puts human problem-solving and customer experience at the core is more than just a differentiator. It’s the new baseline in an economy that will be increasingly driven by the needs and demands of employees. Because, why not?

“Employees are the ones who keep the entire economy moving,” said Poletti. “The ‘Great Resignation’ is just one part of a growing recognition on the part of workers that they have the power to demand a better deal, and that includes control over their money.” Because, why shouldn’t they?

At the same time, Poletti said, businesses need solutions that will make it easier for them to recruit and retain the employees they need. Banks need a partner that can provide their customers with business-to-business digital payment options within the traditional expectations of security.

Those are gaps in the marketplace where TreasuryNotch will target its innovative software and services, with cutting edge fintech processes and security driven by a vision that never fails to put the user first. Because, who else, right?

“It’s not enough to have a good product that is reliable and secure,” Poletti said. “A good product needs to help people reach their goals.” Because that is the whole point.

We’re doing things differently because that’s the way we think it should be done. Sorry, not sorry, status quo.

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