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About Us

TreasuryNotch enables easy B2B digital payments with cash-balancing automation that leverages sound accounting practices: double-entry, daily reconciliation and client profitability analysis and reporting.

TreasuryNotch is a woman-owned fintech business, developed from deep values to serve an identified gap in the marketplace and offer B2B payment options. Primarily helping employers help their employees move past the uncomfortable paycheck-to-paycheck pattern that 4 in 5 U.S. workers face today. Our founders are no strangers to solo income households while raising a family. It’s tough and we believe employers and workers deserve better options, more flexibility, and a new way of thinking – create payment options to serve vendors, contractors, payroll and more with profitability and growth benefits for all.

It's Empowering

With a secure and cost-effective alternative to legacy payment systems, TreasuryNotch brings fresh recruiting and retention opportunities with multiple, trackable payment options from payroll distribution, loan payments, rapid pay, advance/emergency pay, finance & savings applications and more, making it easier and faster for people to get paid, pay their bills, and save for the future. This includes assisting the 33 million unbanked or underbanked consumers in the United States where aligning payments, payroll, money movement and banking practices will be served well with the TreasuryNotch platform.

We’re here to serve hospitality, transportation, warehousing companies and others facing hiring and retention challenges and want to provide a better employee experience with multiple payment options. We partner with banks, CPAs, human capital management firms and large employers, and their software providers and payroll partners to make this happen.

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Let’s Get You Moving

Our Hippolyta effect is key integration partnerships with fintech and other software providers who can use TreasuryNotch as their digital payroll payment and automated cash balancing engine. All while providing enhanced transparency for clients, vendors, contractors, employers, and employees with complete security and compliance controls, fewer mediaries and less financial friction. It’s all about helping workers live their best lives. We know, its lofty but it’s our passion play!

Join the mission, turn it up a notch and do it more profitably.

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