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The Buyer’s Experience

At TreasuryNotch, we see the buyer’s experience as the process your clients go through to become… well, your client. From the research phase (often without a salesperson involved), to defining their needs, to purchasing, onboarding, and ultimately (if you’ve done your job right), to becoming an advocate for your business.

Most of this process takes place via digital channels and might require digital transformation to get there. Insightful considering that B2C and B2B experiences seem to have blurred during the pandemic in terms of how to favorably purchase anything. It comes right down to a consistent buyer’s experience throughout the buyer’s journey from everyone within your organization.

This effort has a singular mission. To empower revenue teams (sales, marketing, customer service) to build trusted relationships with buying teams or individuals to accelerate complex journeys and drive predictable growth. Sales, marketing and customer service nirvana.

Strategies for Manufacturing Demand Generation

Essentially, demand generation breaks down into three components: strategy, inbound and outbound.

An effective demand generation strategy will give you clarity on how to boost customer acquisition, their customer experience with sales acceptance, and execution to reach your revenue goals. Inbound marketing brings prospects to you through website content, search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads and other pay-per-click (PPC) programs, social media, advertising, and PR. Outbound marketing takes you to the prospects with a strategic campaign via email, direct mail, and calls, among other forms of outreach.

To get you to scalable demand creation, demand management and demand expansion, we’ll help you create a holistic, sustainable, always-on revenue engine: a demand factory.

Lead with the Right Story

As Donald Miller describes in his book, “Building a StoryBrand,” many organizations make the same mistake: they lead with products and services, features and benefits. If your prospects aren’t familiar with what you sell or why it’s needed, this can work against you.

Your messaging has a better chance of resonating with prospects if you lead with problems you solve and the people you solve them for – your products and services are not the story; they’re how you solve their problems as a trusted guide. Your prospects are the heroes and it’s their story you’re describing, so putting your claims of greatness up front will often get you ignored.

Let TreasuryNotch help you craft your own story brand so you can convert more website visitors and other prospects into qualified leads, sales, and happy clients with a high rate of customer retention. This work aligns your messaging with everyone in your organization involved in the buyer’s journey process.

Achieve Sales & Marketing and Customer Service Alignment

Growth-related goals are far more difficult to achieve if sales and marketing and customer service are misaligned.

Symptoms of misalignment include a lack of communication or follow-through. When salespeople don’t find the marketing message useful, they’re unlikely to effectively follow up on outbound marketing campaigns or leads generated through marketing efforts. Same goes for customer expansion efforts within your install base.

Effective demand generation makes two of the hardest things in all of business easier: prospecting and upselling. But to be effective and craft the right messaging and strategies for inbound and outbound execution, marketing has to seek out input and involvement from sales and customer service. This includes what problems we have solved for clients and what works and what doesn’t. Basically, this is sales, marketing and customer service not just playing well in the sand box but also building the sandcastle.

Tailored Revenue Growth Strategies

We want to help you grow your market. TreasuryNotch offers revenue growth consulting services designed to increase demand generation, grow customer acquisition, achieve sales, marketing and customer service alignment, revenue growth, retention, and a path to more advance go-to-market strategies like Account Based Marketing (ABM) and Account Based Experience (ABX).

Strategy building and execution are where most B2B organizations get tied up. It might have been a juggle to do one and even harder to do both. Perhaps you’ve done a few things either in DIY mode or with transactional assistance. We believe in being a guide to these efforts, building your strategy based on your specific organizational goals, helping you define what problems you solve for your customers, and then setting forth a roadmap to achieve them. Consider us your personal coaches (former players) helping a star athlete with a playbook that provides all you need to win your game including, but not limited to, payroll direct deposit via ACH and digital payment services enabled by TreasuryNotch software.

TreasuryNotch founders Summer Poletti and Jeanne Rogers are revenue growth veterans with extensive sales, marketing, operations, and customer experience (CX) in the payroll and financial industries. They have a track record of successfully growing companies through alignment and have encountered and conquered revenue building challenges. This has caused them to pause and realize others in similar and different verticals are experience their own growth challenges. With tested strategies, templates, testimonials, and other resources, they are available to leverage this experience for the growth of others.

We all win when we win together.

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