Work-Life Balance & Faster, More Flexible Payday: Must Haves in the Battle for Employee Retention

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Learn how TreasuryNotch helps industries facing employee retention challenges provide digital payment solutions that offer a better employee experience

Work-life balance is the joie de vivre for many. I mean, likely, you have to work but perhaps your mindset is that work isn’t everything. Do we have that right?

And didn’t the pandemic bring that home… literally?

Side note: Millennials and Gen Z… thank you. You took us ALL to the finish line with this rallying point. Our torches and pitchforks are ready!

As it turns out, those coveted Millennial and Gen Z employees and recruits want many of the same things that employees of every generation have wanted ever since the workplace was invented. You don’t say? What is high on the list? Money, flexibility, financial education – milder work with more long-term solutions.

With more than half of the working population living paycheck-to-paycheck, a rate that surged to 64% during the pandemic, and rising inflation adding to the pressures – employees need solutions, on their terms. If you can’t provide them, they’ll go looking for an employer who will. It’s a quiet rebellion, but one that is rapidly remaking the workplace.

Practical Solutions for Hardworking Employees


Juan, for example, stocks the shelves at a local supermarket for an hourly wage. It’s not much but it leaves him with a little bit every month that he can send to family members money back home, in a tedious process that can cost up to $50 in international transfer fees, every time.


Jovie is a salaried employee, but she’s got student loans to pay off and money is tight. She frequently finds herself paying late fees when bills come around faster than payday. She’s got a good entry-level job, but there’s no way to build up a cushion yet.


Imagine if Juan’s employer could route cross-border payments directly from his paycheck and Jovie’s employer could provide access to the money she’s earned – before payday.


Imagine all the other Jovies and Juans out there who could benefit from more flexible payroll options that remove mediaries with flexibility of where, how, and when they get paid.


Now imagine all of this with no added fees and with complete privacy and security using fast, reliable software. Imagine you are the third-party processor who can offer this to your customers who are struggling to recruit and retain the workforce they need.


That’s more than a balancing act. That’s a recruitment tool.


Work & Get Paid in One Day


A payroll system that can align payroll, digital payments and banking practices in a secure, easy-to-use platform is more than just innovative – it’s overdue. TreasuryNotch launched in 2022 with the premise that payroll processes should provide options and flexibility that work for everyone. Businesses need solutions that will make it easier for them to recruit and retain employees. Banks need a partner that can provide their customers with business-to-business digital payment options within the traditional expectations of security. Employees need flexibility and access to their money.


TreasuryNotch enables front-line employees to gain more control over their finances. There are no extra payroll fees for a faster bank account deposit. By getting paid faster, employees can avoid late payment fees on their bills, student loans, rent, and mortgages.


Multiple payroll options can be the key to a better employee experience and longevity.


The TreasuryNotch Solution: Providing Pay Options


With modern digital payment software that enables things like real-time pay and same-day pay that leverage the ACH network, TreasuryNotch solutions are built to make payroll do more.


With TreasuryNotch as your partner, and a secure, user-friendly platform for pay and payments, you can offer solutions to your customers and their employees that get money where it needs to go – seamlessly, safely and hassle-free.


With expedited paydays, directing funds to go elsewhere and more, TreasuryNotch can make payday do more of the heavy lifting that employees living paycheck-to-paycheck or without bank accounts have had to manage on their own, but without the added costs, stress and reduced productivity.


Instant payday arrived with the gig economy through companies that built payment systems from the ground up in their operational apps, like Uber and Lyft. Forward-thinking fintech software and service companies have pushed the innovation even further. But too many traditional payroll systems are still stuck doing things that are 10, 20 or 30 years old.


Let's Have a Conversation


We can help industries facing hiring and employee retention challenges, including hospitality, transportation, and warehousing. TreasuryNotch brings together all the players in payroll processing. We partner with staffing firms, professional employer organizations (PEO), banks, certified public accountants (CPA), as well as other fintech and software providers who need a reliable digital payroll processor and automated reconciliation engine.


Partnering with us enables you to provide enhanced transparency for clients, employers and employees with complete security and compliance controls – to help working people live their lives with less financial friction and mediaries.


Reach out to our team and let us show you how we can help you turn transparent, secure and compliant payroll options into opportunities.


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